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We serve you like no other

Our far – reaching customers span the globe from Europe to Asia and beyond. We are proud to add equal value to small organisations and multi nationals alike by transforming their businesses for the better. Our customers receive unique benefits such as dealing with one company for all their needs[…]

IT and Business Consulting

We have set out to solve the greatest global problem that overshadows the business culture in solving their IT requirements. Employees in procurement departments are handed the responsibility to find the best IT supplier for the company, they turn down a better product at a better price simply because it[…]

Real World Solutions for Real World Problems

Below are some of the challenges we overcome for organisations  Integrated Mobile Apps Multi – Channel Web Portals Intelligence Engines Knowledge Sharing Systems Client Care and Support Systems Client Experience Management Engines Selling Engines All-In-One Marketing and Business Process Engines Data flow and integration with other systems Meeting rapid growth on demand[…]

One Of The Best Teams Out There

We seek the best talent in the relative field from around the world, we consider Experience, Expertise and Profound Knowledge that individuals have, above all, how they will blend into our exuberant work environment and if our visions converge. Result, a forward thinking friendly team, resolute in providing an unwavering customer service for[…]


Support: We will work according to your opening hours, so support will be available during (Your Standard Time). Support can be provided in the following format. Live Chat support: users can chat with one of our IT experts Email Support: users send an email and our team responses with an[…]

Pricing That Makes Sense

Cinch Technologies works hard to find where we are needed no matter the place we try and deliver outstanding service to businesses of all sizes around the world. Our team is always working towards  the best technological solutions for businesses to be fully integrated and have a dominant presence in[…]

Emerging & Developing Countries

Our target market is Developing and Emerging Countries and we appreciate these markets are still in a rapid transition phase, they are not mature enough to deal with overly-sophisticated software applications and alternatively no too far behind in time for technology to be a fiction, in other words we conclude,[…]

Physical Presence in 4 Countries

Physical Presence Having offices in different cities in the world  allows us to have a  better reach over our client base and also gives us  global exposure. A physical presence in these countries allows us to understand the local client mindset and challenges  businesses have in a particular geographical location.[…]

Fully customisable software to fit your business needs