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Integrated Software Architecture

Business Intelligence: Make information – driven decisions that deliver real value, We will convert raw data generated by your organisation into meaningful useful information for you to analyse. A technology driven process to present actionable information to help you make useful informed decisions.   Online Payment and Mobile Payment System:[…]

Business Applications

Our solutions can be used without much technical knowledge and come with an attitude, we call it the Pronto Attitude, meaning once bought they have the urge to be used promptly, so you can get started in no time. The amount of technical assistance available will depend on the kind[…]

Marketing Applications

In an industry where customers demand high level of service your IT solution should be equipped with high performance tools enabling solid customer support, scalability, flexibility and a powerful infrastructure. To meet rapidly changing markets and new customer demands it is essential to have a multi – channel interaction where[…]

Mobile Apps

Our Mobile App packages have been carefully designed to support businesses at different lifecycle, whether you are a start-up bursting with energy to give that idea a push, or an established business with hundreds of employees, we have solutions that will add value to your enterprise. Products and Services we[…]


Simply put, you have an idea that you want to put into practice or an existing business that you want to grow; we have the right tools and solutions that will help achieve your goals. If it sounds like marriage made in heaven then it really is. We are Strategically[…]

Fully customisable software to fit your business needs