Cinch Technologies

Cinch Technologies


Our Vision

We dream of a more integrated world, a world where social values are expressed through every layer of corporate culture. Where we collaborate to resolve real world issues in harmonious unification, a world where we can communicate better and express ourselves better. A macrocosm of knowledge shared relentlessly where flow[…]

Our Existence

Inspired by the challenges faced by organisations today and how powerful IT platforms can provide the best solutions, Cinch Technologies was established to provide flexible yet robust solutions to organisations big and small. Our applications are a fresh breed of software class that are scalable, customisable, intuitive yet affordable. Our[…]

Edge over competition

We are introducing change in the way the entire software industry works. We have turned conventional methods on their head by simplifying many aspects of the sector. Consumers at times perceive the methods used by software companies as arduous and non-conforming to their way of doing business. They are wrongly interpreted as[…]

Why Us

We are causing We make it Simple We make it Manageable We keep it Friendly & Non – Technical We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by speaking the common man’s language. The world of Technology is full of complex lingo and we feel the world is divided into two kind of people. The[…]

What We Solve

Enterprises turn to Cinch Technologies to discover the power of automation, system unification, business process management along with business challenge management;  We transform businesses by connecting people, improving processes and stimulating productivity. We not only implement software systems to overcome your IT needs and challenges but also provide consultancy and[…]

Integrated & Unified Solutions

A deep insight into current solutions used in various industries highlights certain key points, such as, organisations are compelled to use range of specialist software’s to explicate different departmental functions this approach albeit unavoidable remains a far cry from a complete solution. Such shortcomings add to adversity when these solutions[…]

How are we different

Apart from the love we have for technology we also adore the true spirit of business entrepreneurship, a passion that has helped us venture into numerous businesses from Accounting to Agriculture, Forex Trading to Fundraising and Pharmacies to Investments and Real Estate. Our portfolio of business operations provides a good[…]

How did we come about

A long search of an ideal IT solution for our businesses revealed a lot of disappointment, there were no solutions available that would provide us with what we required. We looked at hundreds of solutions and spend thousands of pounds experimenting with a few. Unfortunately about 2 years of extensive[…]

How do we know you

We understand there is never one size fits all and we also believe every business comes with their unique challenges and differences, and that a niche need to be followed to make them stand out in the crowd. Despite all these distinct attributes most of the underlying principles of running[…]

Fully customisable software to fit your business needs