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What We Solve

Enterprises turn to Cinch Technologies to discover the power of automation, system unification, business process management along with business challenge management;  We transform businesses by connecting people, improving processes and stimulating productivity. We not only implement software systems to overcome your IT needs and challenges but also provide consultancy and advice to resolve problems that crop up in a daily business lifecycle.

“it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”.

Charles Darwin

A distinguished IT organisation today needs to go beyond the basics of providing sophisticated technology solutions and recognise elemental business comportment. Business needs today are more complex and multi – faceted with demands being stretched in all dimensions, fortuitous encounters happen by luck, by chance, they are unplanned and accidental and no amount of software training will ensure you are prepared for such eventualities, your IT infrastructure and IT provider should possess the proficiency to resolve, overcome, and adapt almost instantaneously.

In a world where the only constant is change, this change frequently results in regular shift in consumer behaviour; since change is for better, organisations need to revise their approach in favour of inducing refinement.

Change and adaptability has become the new mantra to survive and sustain business growth and we take this message rather seriously. At Cinch Technologies we bring your world of business together; by ensuring our involvement reflects a collaborative partnership. We like to be within close proximity silently helping you to embrace change and improve efficiency.

Our range of readymade solutions satisfy most challenging business needs: they are highly customisable, scalable, reliable, instantly deliverable and can integrate with your existing solutions. We align applications in par with your organisations’ processes and our innovative approach to complex requirements is designed to interweave natural workflow adaptation of your enterprise. We understand the importance of tailor made solution to suit specific needs at times and we are equally capable of doing so.

Our products and solutions are inspired by everyday challenges faced by organisations related to computing and technology and we aim to solve the most complex of issues through collaborative intelligence.


Real World Solutions for Complex Real World Problems

Integrated and Unified Solutions to run entire organisation under one platform
Data flow and integration with other systems
Meeting rapid growth on demand
Business Process Evaluation
Collaboration Process Improvisation
Adjusting Workloads
Customer Satisfaction Improvement
Change Adaptation and Implementation
Content Delivery through multiple communication channels
Inter – departmental communication and integration
Internet and IT Portals running on unified platform
Sales, Marketing, Inventory and whole business automation
Better ROI (Return on Investment) and Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
Activity Monitoring and Reporting
Collaboration and Communication
Multi – Channel Information Streams
Customer – Centric Feedback modelling
Mobile, VOIP and other platforms
Iterative business modelling and practices
Complete Business Automation
Improve Productivity and Efficiency
All-In-One Marketing and Business Process Engines

Fully customisable software to fit your business needs