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Cinch Technologies


How are we different

Apart from the love we have for technology we also adore the true spirit of business entrepreneurship, a passion that has helped us venture into numerous businesses from Accounting to Agriculture, Forex Trading to Fundraising and Pharmacies to Investments and Real Estate.

Our portfolio of business operations provides a good insight into our diverse behaviour management skills. From the calm and passive world of agriculture where decisions are made once a year to the fast paced world of currency trading where decisions need to be made every minute, our exciting journey has exposed us to a wealth of experience and most importantly along with a lot of hard work we have also had a lot of fun.

Our devotion to constantly excel, be competitive in the market place, improve quality, lower costs, and innovate faster than our competitors were some of the very few challenges we faced. It was no surprise then we needed systems that would help support our complex thought process and constant need for improvement.

Our solutions enjoy the fact they have been designed by businessmen and marketers who understand the daily challenges faced by businesses. The wealth of experience gained through our many facets of businesses is contributed back into feedback loop resulting in continual improvement of our solutions.

In addition to our personal experience we explore the market for the most impetuous and prevalent demands. We believe that the skilled combination of business experience and our research into on-going market needs enables us to provide the most comprehensive and competitive solutions. This gives our customers the edge that is required to excel in the global marketplace.

In a nutshell we have devised a 6 step strategy in order for you to take full benefit of the software solutions and the services we provide.


The Ideal Solution

We will provide you with a software solution that speaks your language, our approach is to study the requirements and offer a comprehensive and unified solution so you don’t need to use different software’s for different departments or branches. We provide you with one solution for your enterprise in case that is not possible we make sure that our different solutions are perfectly integrated, harmoniously unified and talking to each other in unison. Just like symphony orchestra playing in perfect harmony.


Customise to maximise

Customisation comes as standard with us, we don’t give you a software and a manual and expect to find your way around it; this approach can take an organisation years to fully comprehend, put in practice and come to terms with the application. Our underlying believe that a software is only as good as the people using it, ensures our customers are given a ready customised solution plus the knowledge and tools to be super-efficient  from the word go.


Interweaving the solution in your business stream

Interweaving the software in your daily business process brings out the ultimate productivity. The best customised solution is limited to nothing more than rich and elaborate data entry system unless that data has a way to travel and reach different individuals, teams, departments, and branches. Conveying the right information, to the right person, at the right time is paramount for any business that aims to be proficient. The application should mimic your real world business behaviour and should be a perfect aid for seamless operations. We will help setup the business process and implement intricate procedures and chains of command that are followed in the organisation. This ensures that the application is in sync with your daily business behaviour.  We help you maximise on the dynamism of automation from sales and marketing to operations and support by implementing useful user interaction amongst teams and departments.


Support and Training while transitioning

Whether you are looking to transform your existing system or planning to take the plunge into the complex world of IT for the first time we understand the daunting decision making process and time and effort it takes for the changeover. This is where you need us most. Our broad range of support and training services are carefully designed to assist you during this time. We are passionate about our client’s success and make efforts to understand the business and offer ideas and solutions that will help make the transition smooth and hassle free. It is vital that your business does not suffer during this time and our innovative “Soft Step Transitioning Method (SSTM)” ensures that disruption is kept to the minimum. This method ensures that we work in tandem with the business while transformation and training of the entire organisation is taking shape in small bite size instalments.


Your own Software Bible

We believe training that teaches different functions and how to find your way around the software is very different from training users on the nature and type of information that needs to be filed, where to register the information and the sequence in which the information is entered. To overcome this challenge we have devised an intuitive method called “Homogenous and Sequential Data Composition (HSDC)”. This method brings increased synergy and synchronisation in the team, saves essential company time by making it easier to look for information and greatly reduces the margin of error. Teams benefit from a culturally homogenous structure by following an organised and methodological approach. Implementing this method assures the whole organisation is singing from the same hymn sheet. Once a clear line of understanding is established we convert this into our customers own software bible and users are trained to adopt such usability.


Homogenous and Sequential Data Composition (HSDC)

This method ensures that we do the following:

  • Type of information and nature of information to be entered
  • When to register that information
  • Sequence of information to be entered
  • Synergy and Synchronisation amongst team members
  • Methods to save essential company time
  • Reducing margin of error
  • Organised and methodological approach


On-going and after sales support

Our true strength lies in our client’s continued success. In order for you to get the maximum out of your solution we provide a range of support services to suit your needs on an on-going basis. From Live Training and Training Videos to Knowledgebase and FAQs, from Email, Chat and Phone support to Customised Manuals. No matter where in the world our clients are based, we provide support like no other, on time every time. Every interaction re-enforces our commitment to make your new software purchase a great success.

Fully customisable software to fit your business needs