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Cinch Technologies


Edge over competition

We are introducing change in the way the entire software industry works. We have turned conventional methods on their head by simplifying many aspects of the sector.

Consumers at times perceive the methods used by software companies as arduous and non-conforming to their way of doing business. They are wrongly interpreted as problematic, their contracts to be painful and onerous.

Our radical approach forces us to go back to basics and follow the fundamentals of successful business partnerships where there is a Win-Win all around. We chose our customers to win first and we don’t mind coming second.

We like to think there is another way, a better way and that is what we follow

Software Import or Export

The past decade has seen UK software companies Import software from Asia, in particular South East Asia. We, on the other hand are exporting most of the software from UK to the emerging markets.

Pricing Model

We offer different types of pricing, from monthly pay as you go, to six monthly and yearly pricing. Every additional service that we provide is priced separately giving you the flexibility to leave out any offering that you may not be interested in. Pricing can be a vital decision making factor while choosing your software and we intend to replace that stress with a smile.

Versatility, Change and Adaptability

Some Software organisations cannot offer customisation as their inflexible infrastructure does not allow them change, or otherwise it becomes extremely expensive for the client. With us, its very easy, our entire infrastructure has been constructed keeping modification in mind.  If you need additions, deletions or just things to be done in a certain way, we can gladly do that for you.

Delivery and Execution

We often get asked this question, how long will it take to deliver the software, and our typical answer “within 1 week” is usually greeted with amazement. The softwares are ready, time taken for any customisation depends on how quickly you can provide with the changes you want done. We are known to cut the delivery time by half as compared to other software providers. This is in the initial system design and how we have orchestrated the modular structure that easily welcomes change.

Continuous modification to meet your requirements

Again, we are quite different compared to the norm that is followed in the industry.  We understand that no business is constant. Volatility dominates organisational changes, factors such as market conditions, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, new markets, upsizing and downsizing can compel business ecology to change. Software is your backbone that stimulates day to day business running, it is imperative that this backbone is as flexible as your business itself, and so we do not impose any restrictions on changing and adapting your software system. Every time you feel the software is skinning from your business, we will ensure we put it back so it fits like a glove.


In our opinion, enterprises cannot profess efficiency if they do not use integrated technology. We are Integration experts, all our software are integrated with each other providing a comprehensive solution, to top this we provide integration with any other software available out there. In other words, we have no qualms about keeping our doors open, any snag you come across will likely be from other provider.

Your Servers or Ours

If organisations are concerned about putting their data onto our servers we will move the softwares onto their servers if they are secured and can be trusted.

Ease of Use

Everything we do starts with the word simple. Our entire approach from client analysis to post delivery.

Our solutions are very easy to use but extremely smart and powerful. They are versatile and adaptable and have been designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, collaboration and return on investment.

Contractual Commitments

Our contracts are agreed upon terms that our clients feel comfortable with, we don’t impose what we feel is important to us, but conjointly agree what matters to our clients most,  we call it good business.

Fully customisable software to fit your business needs