Cinch Technologies

Cinch Technologies


Faisal Talpur - CEO and Founder

He has a knack for technology and spends a lot of time asking the question WHY ? Challenging the status quo is his favourite hobby and his queer imagination sets him thinking to change the world for the better.

Shakera Alam - Head of Global Strategy and Operations / Director

She brings the most required management expertise along with the otherwise missing lady luck. With the only female on board her strenghts lie in discovering unique ways to identify expansion routes.She also gets involved in software design and software usability testing for our products.

Tamkin Riaz -

Tamkin Riaz the PR Mogul and Philanthropist. With over 500 live events and years of business experience is always clued on to get Cinch on the Map. We are very proud to have him as part of Cinch Family.

Fashu Frey -

The youngest member in the company. His transition from an Apprentice to office manager has been remarkable. Dedicated, Adaptable and extremely professional yet with a fun loving side and brings in the perfect mixture of work balance in a dynamic work environment. Always has a Smile on his face even during challenging work deadlines.

Rana Arif Mahmood -

He is a programming Genius. Being a self-proclaimed work-a-holic, he is also loyal and trustworthy beyond comprehension, and in some ways is the glue that keeps our Cinch family together. He has over 10 years of undoubtable experience in Software and Mobile app development. He has untested problem-solving skills and is dependable at all times. Also Overseeing most operations, he makes sure all is running smoothly at all times in the front end and also behind the scenes. He is a true gift to the Cinch Family.

Shujaat Ali Mahmood -

Being one of the most experienced in the team, his wisdom knows no bounds. Shujaat has 39 years’ experience in the Technology and Finance Sector. His endless experience brings a great credibility to the team and he also offers our team a new perspective on all matters. His adherence in his role to keep all security and compliance in order is incomparable, and shows that he proves a great role model to all in the team. His unrivalled attention to detail always has, and will always keep the team on their toes.

Ahsan Bilal -

He is a sharp minded, knowledgeable and attentive Web developer. He is both highly driven and self-motivated to an extent that not only sets a great example but also highly motivates others. His prodigious experience spans across many forms of web development. He has a knack for resolving any web development issues.His constant strive to better himself and his craft is an inspiration to all and also fuels a new initiative which pushes him to experiment with new technologies and techniques. His passion is reflected in all the work he does.

Maria Ali -

Maria is an phenomenal addition to the Cinch family. She is a self-motivated, organized and has interpersonal skills that cannot be matched. She is an outstanding team player, loyal to her team and true to herself. Her dedication to her team, her work and to all that she does is second to none. She accepts any challenge with an open mind and shares a warmth and tenderness within the team that excels the bond and relationship with all in her team.

Sales & Support teams - London, Bangladesh and Pakistan

Our fully trained London sales team involves selling to UK, Europe, Asia and Africa. We connect with 40 countries around the world in order to try and service their requirements. We have a sales operation in Bangladesh that predominantly services Bangladesh, a support office in Pakistan and are expanding into UAE, Morocco[…]

Developers & Engineers - Europe, US and Asia

Our engineers are spread over 3 continents, where each member has been prudently selected for their exceptional creative and technical acumen. Our distinctive minds come together, in harmony, to resolve the biggest challenge IT faces today.

Fully customisable software to fit your business needs