Faisal Talpur

Faisal, the creative brain, does a lot of thinking and planning and then some more thinking and planning and very rarely some work.

He has a knack for technology and spends a lot of time asking the question WHY ? Challenging the status quo is his favourite hobby and his queer imagination sets him thinking to change the world for the better.

With an invention and a patent to his name and with attributions such as youngest editor of a scientific magazine, he inspires and influences people to think differently.

Along with creative abilities he is an entrepreneur at heart, Faisal has been involved with helping and setting up businesses and at Cinch Technologies his key role is to experiment with new technology and concepts, identify vacuums where introducing technology can help resolve vital issues.

His vision is to make technology simple, accessible, acceptable and good for purpose. This motivation has helped Cinch Technologies to work on some ground breaking and interesting concepts that will revolutionise the way we live.

His daily tasks involve inspiring teams globally, encouraging collaboration and coherence to work on good creative technology.

Faisal Talpur

BSc Computer Science, 2001, University of London