Shakera Alam

Fashionista with a flare of entrepreneurship in Technology .Coming from a corporate city background where accounting and finance were the dominant functions, Shakera shares a flair for technology having done BSc and MSc in Computer Science.

She brings the most required management expertise along with the otherwise missing lady luck. With the only female on board her strenghts lie in discovering unique ways to identify expansion routes.She also gets involved in software design and software usability testing for our products.

Her succinctly hyperbolic imagination has helped explore channels through governments and other structures which are not commonly known to exist.

Although she gets involved with day to day running and management her main role remains expansion into different markets and countries and has played a key role in taking the organisation presence into 3 different countries.

A multi tasker and  manages to keep her interest in  cricket going amidst all the work chaos.


BSc  &  Msc Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London