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Integrated Software Architecture

  • Business Intelligence: Make information – driven decisions that deliver real value, We will convert raw data generated by your organisation into meaningful useful information for you to analyse. A technology driven process to present actionable information to help you make useful informed decisions.


  • Online Payment and Mobile Payment System: Get that cash register ringing frequently. Customers appreciate multiple methods of making payments. More payment options to them means easy payments received by you. Auto Payment Activation will mean regular monthly payments like Insurance Premiums will be collected automatically on a certain date defined by you or your client. These payments whether collected via phone by payment hotline or online through your website will then be allocated to their respective accounts. Our integrated payment technology automatically allocates payments to relevant client accounts and helps auto-manage the deductions/collections on their insurance accounts.


  • Online Quoting Engine: Intelligent algorithms to recommend Insurance products according to clients situation and customised as per your company’s insurance policies, this can be catered to offer Cross Sell opportunities. Even if your potential clients don’t go to your website, your sales staff, agents and branches can use the website internally to quote clients.  It can be handled both manually and automatically.


  • Website Design: Industry leading website that is mobile friendly with fully featured integrated marketing platform, payment solutions, quoting engine, lead collection, client care and support, case tracking, chat, feedback, blogs and a lot more, fully integrated with our other applications like Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Customer Support.


  • Human Resource Management (HRM) Software: To look after all your HR Needs, from Employee Management to Leave management, from Time-clock to Performance, Recruitment, Transfer History, Job History, Salary History, Employee Reviews, Career and Talent Management, training and discipline management, a comprehensive solution that will satisfy most if not all HR requirements.


  • Payroll Management (HRM-Payroll): (Integrated with Human Resource Management) – with Advanced Payroll Rule Based Engine this will look after all your staff payment needs. Provident Fund, Gratuity, Loan Advances, Fringe Benefits, Bonuses, Allowances, Succession Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Employee Insurance, Policies, Compensations, Expense & Re-Imbursements and more.


  • Social Intranet Software: (Integrated with Human Resource Management) – to bring your whole organisation under one umbrella enhancing communication, collaboration and synchronisation, organising events, encouraging dialogue amongst employees, announcements through message boards. Mobile Ready. Can be used by internal employees, agents, branches, and everyone related to your organisation.


  • Customer Relationship Management: Integrated with your website and Financial Accounting, manage all your clients information, send auto emails, set tasks and workflows, case escalations, auto invoicing, workflow and hierarchy management, project management, asset management along with in-built marketing modules.


  • Training and Learning Management: a comprehensive training software to enhance the skills and performance of your staff, build your companies knowledgebase, reduce training costs, avoid repeat training sessions, maximise time and effort, improve efficiency and productivity, organise training for new recruits and senior staff alike with e-books, blogs, forums, videos, audio, live webinars, lectures, classes, sessions, chats, whiteboard and e-commerce integration to turn your business into an online teaching academy . Mobile Ready. Integrated with HRMP, Social Intranet and CRM


  • Financial Modelling and Accounting / Inventory management: complete accounting management fully featured with customer payments and auto allocations, quotations, edit print documents, audit trails, budgeting and forecasts, billing and invoicing, depreciation schedule, balance sheets, bank reconciliations and a lot more.


  • Online Document Management: manage your documents online with version control and collaborative editing, access them anywhere you want, organise them in files and archives. Share and sync your data with your desktop and mobiles, share photos, videos, calendar or anything else you want your co-workers to see.


  • Distributed Project Management: unanimously work on the same project from anywhere in the world, share calendar, distribute tasks, share documents and notes, set workflows, workspaces, manage time. Communicate and collaborate with co-workers, all on one platform.


  • An Integrated World: We can integrate ALL and we mean ALL the solutions in ONE. This means your whole organisation can work as one, in unison, like singing from the same hymn sheet. Imagine having the power of all applications under ONE access point. Every user carefully channelled through the applications he has access to, no disparities, no discrepancies, just honest and straight unification of systems.


  • CORE Insurance Software: We have already created a shell structure for the Insurance Software, in other words the Engine is ready, which is capable of generating quotes, maintaining online risk actuary along with other feature, this can be built on as per customers requirement to provide a complete tailor made solution 100% suited to your organisation’s needs. The engine can be modified to provide any type of insurance be it General, Life or Takaful.


  • Mobile Apps: All the applications explained above can be converted into mobile applications as per your request, we have already started converting some of our softwares to be responsive and mobile friendly. Apps can also be developed for a specific requirement that you may have for example quoting app to quote different kind of Insurance










Fully customisable software to fit your business needs