IT and Business Consulting

We have set out to solve the greatest global problem that overshadows the business culture in solving their IT requirements.

Employees in procurement departments are handed the responsibility to find the best IT supplier for the company, they turn down a better product at a better price simply because it is from a smaller company or lesser-known brand. Real or imaginative fear of losing his job if something went wrong in his decision of choice. in this circumstance employee ignores the express purpose of his job and does something that is not in the company’s best interest.

Another dilemma that clouds the decision making process amongst organisations is that They Do Not Know What Technology will satisfy their requirement.

This is where help industries with the Knowledge and Know How of what is required. We match business requirement like to like with the IT Solutions available.

Our experience spans helping and setting up businesses and we provide consulting in the following sectors

IT Infrastructure

ICT Infrastructure

Management Consulting

Marketing and Sales

New growth markets