Physical Presence in 4 Countries

Physical Presence

Having offices in different cities in the world  allows us to have a  better reach over our client base and also gives us  global exposure. A physical presence in these countries allows us to understand the local client mindset and challenges  businesses have in a particular geographical location. Our team is always working towards  the best technological solutions for businesses to be fully integrated and have a dominant presence in the digital world.

  • London – Head Office
  • Pakistan – Back end & Development Office
  • Bangladesh – Sales Office
  • Dubai – Representative for Cinch

Cinch Technologies works hard to find where we are needed no matter the place we try and deliver outstanding service.

Culture & Diversity

At Cinch Technologies, we pride ourselves and also encourage diversity and difference in the company. We feel that gives us a great edge but also feel that these differences in people are exactly what makes a great team. It provides prospective and variation.

We have over 5 different cultures and countries of origin in our London office alone. We feel this makes us stronger as a team as it not only gives us edge but can be helpful when adapting to clients and situations. As we have a broad client base in terms of work, it helps us understanding all walks of life and the people that come from those walks of life. One of our main aims as a company is not only to do a great service to our clients and make happy but to also do good things and help out in the community and this difference and diversity in cultures helps and propels us forward in these situations.

Diversity is an important part of our team and we welcome all to our team.

Global Reach

Presence in these 3 countries gives us global exposure and allows us to share our products and give great service to not only one but a few continents. The evolution of technology gives us no boundaries. Through our work we can reach the whole world and we hope to service all who need our services no matter where they are in the world.